osctrl-cli is the CLI for osctrl. Its purpose is to execute actions in osctrl without having to access directly the backend or use the admin interface. It can be very handy to automate actions in scripts or similar.

Execute ./osctrl-cli -h to show the main help of the program:

$ ./osctrl-cli -h
   osctrl-cli - CLI for osctrl

   osctrl-cli [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   CLI for osctrl, a fast and efficient osquery management

     user              Commands for users
     environment, env  Commands for TLS environment
     settings          Commands for settings
     node              Commands for nodes
     query             Commands for queries
     check             Checks DB connection
     help, h           Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   -D FILE, --db FILE  Load DB configuration from FILE (default: "config/db.json") [$DB_CONFIG]
   --help, -h          show help
   --version, -v       print the version

Each command has its own help and it is displayed appending -h to them. Each subcommand has its own help as well.