is the provisioning script for osctrl in a Docker environment. It needs a docker-compose.yml and requires docker-compose to be installed.

It uses several functions from /deploy/ The main idea behind using a helper like this is to be able to generate configurations and certificates before launching the containers. For a pure docker or k8s environment just use each Dockerfile as reference.

Execute ./docker/ -h to show the usage of the script:

$ ./docker/ -h

Usage: ./docker/ -h [PARAMETER] [PARAMETER] ...

  -h	Shows this help message and exit.
  -b	Builds new docker containers.
  -u	Run osctrl containers.
  -c	Generates configuration files.
  -f	Forces the generation of new certificates and configuration.
  -m	Uses mkcert ( to generate certificate.
  -d	Takes down running containers.
  -x	Removes container images.

  Run dockerized osctrl building new containers and forcing to generate new configuration/certs:
	./docker/ -u -b -f
  Generate only configuration files:
	./docker/ -c

There are good examples of the usage of in the Makefile.